I had some days free this week for messing around and I take this opportunity for update my PC and convince me to get a paid licence of Reality Capture, (between, this piece of software is insane…). After that, I scouting around my house for finding good subjects and I found a kind of no man land and like a real CG junky I had fun to create from “real stuffs” a whole new texture made by hand, piece by piece. Unfortunately for the picture quality, this was sunny day and the texture is unusable because of the hard direct sun light. But anyway, I will give it a second try next cloudy day and I will shoot more pictures because some holes appears everywhere.

Right now, I thinking to a good solution for the tilling process, maybe capturing some pieces alone and combining it in Zbrush after for hiding the tilling line? Probably the best way. But already I’m pretty happy with the first result.

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